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I'm getting a horse

Nuff' said. Picks up chicks.

In a Way, True

Actually I liked this flash because of the song choice and the humor involved. My favorite part was when he said "Now your getting your ass kicked by the Wii" LOL that was funny... cause... Wii... sucks...

But you actually could've made something different because a lot of people get offended by this because PS3 was very popular yet I agree with that price thing I mean $600 wow... that's why i got it like 2 years later XD.

The downfall was the animation it could have ran more smoothly instead of all those flashing lights in between each section. Although it was pretty funny, everybody loves people who can animate.

I am fully impressed... it's good enough for me!


This is Punchlinetastic!

There were so many little jokes in this flash it made me lol for every one of them! This was a classic flash movie were being funny is the only thing that matters.

There really isn't much to say here, except that this deserves a perfect score for the stuff being well put together. The music, sound, voice, text, it was timed right and was just simply made my day for all of this perfectness.

Good job! I expect more in the future


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Epic Style: In All Categories

An absolute straight ten as this game is very detailed. I love the addition to being able to reload without having to waste you bullets, the new armour and perks feature. Also, you added many other guns that complete your collection. I also enjoy that you can play the puzzles (last known as challenges) with any type of gun. The upgrade feature also gives you something new to look forward to. Well done!

But some downfalls were clearly recognized:
A whole load of glitches. The "Airstrip" puzzle challenge is impossible for me because my computer is really slow. I even had to consult the walkthrough but still nothing. On my computer it takes time for the gravity switch to activate even if you use that minigun-like weapon. I hope you fix them soon!
It was way too easy. The puzzles jobs were ok but the missions were way too easy.
Also you should be able to replay missions for extra cash at all times, instead having to unlock prestige mode.

A bit of improvement but a game that becomes an instant hit and all around: stellar



This was the most insanely awesome game I've ever played! The idea of a 2-D adventure/puzzle game was great and the pure fact that every single mood that was set all led up to that mysterious forest and temple like think underground, leading to a fictional story of combat, imagination, and possibly a new world that mankind never knew existed...

Not much to say, because I thought that this hard work and constant updates, and apprehensive style, is EXACTLY what should go into a game. Graphics, story, interaction, and flamethrower combat with a sort of side quest thing to collect blue discs?! Just amazing all together and i hope that the full editon is a long, soothing, and even chunk-full of suspense game that is as good as the demo!

P.S. Um, what exactly DID that ghost say near the end?!

- SalsaMaster

A Good Start

I noticed that I wouldn't stop until I had finished. But here is what you could improve on:

Make it longer. There was only about three puzzles and two items to pick up (although i wonder why that item that opens a certain door didn't appear in your inventory...). I hoped that you could have made a puzzle where you had to use items, or even the possibility of combining items for further use in the game. I liked the difficulty of the puzzles though, don't change that at all.

There was too many rooms that were useless. Near the end your just advancing from room to room and there was nothing in the rooms. I think you should get rid of those. If you were trying to create a dramatic experience near the end it didn't work. But at about know I'm wondering if you added those rooms because of a random chance that a monster would appear...

Items. The weapons and armor cost way too much. Why buy a 50 credit weapon!? It only increased it by 3 damage. the first two weapons should have cost only 10 credits and the third 20. But the KF "betteries" were a good price and the grenades and those health pack things too but the weapons were overpriced

On the good side:

The credits were awesome. it was like what they do for a movie. Keep it up!

That RPG feel in the game was a nice add to normal point-and-click games because it "added flavor" to it, you know, something new. And the credit and buying new supplies was cool, but Wiley should have been available to buy from at any time, instead of having to go back all the time.

Well, this has been pretty impressive, considering it was your first game. If you improve I believe that you - Hyptosis - can get famous of your work!


Hyptosis responds:

The item you missed was the lighter, it is in the first room.

The rooms weren't useless, they were meant to give the feeling of travel. They might not have worked for that, but that was their intention. Also random monster encounters yes.

Wiley is a jerk, yell at him about pricing. =P

You're right he should have traveled with you, I won't make that mistake again.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I'll have more to come in the future. Please be on the look out for Alice is Dead 3, it will be the next game I work on.

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A Bit Too... Loopy

The major complaint here: way too repetitive. The little sections went on for too long and you can always hear that little
"wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, wa-wa-wa!"
still in your head. Add something a bit new into it like a chorus. Nobody likes a loop that's too much of a loop.

I think that your main improvement would be if you added more instruments with different sounds. That way new sections could become produced, then you replay it over a couple times before moving on. If you just continue to repeat the exact same phrase over and over again (duh-duh-duh-dudu, du-du) It gets repetitive. Adding more sounds and musical movements always jumps from one kind of felling to another kind of feeling. e.g. angry feelings play low notes, happy feelings play higer notes, sad felling have more slurs (more connected notes, rather than choppy ones), etc. That way your listeners become more attached.

This made you tap your feet for a while, but didn't quite capture a positive, overall attitude. I think you could have really made a good piece of audio for the portal, but in my opinion it didn't quite "reach expectations". I thought you had a nicely flowing beginning part, but that's were a repetitive chunk pushed it's way through.

Overall, it's could become way better. Don't get me wrong, I liked this! I just really think you can improve strongly with help from your listeners.

Thanks for your time, if you ever read this.


Nice Pixelated Sound!

This should be the real menu screen music!
One complaint: The "1,2,3,4 hit it!" thing doesn't fit. I agree with Math321.
Anyway I could have a music player in my head and listen to this forever!

Heard In 50 Entries!

I've heard this song like a million times and I came to the source: to vote a 10!
I love this song, it completes flashes!
Anyway just to say this song is the bomb!

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Whoa Man!

He looks like Captain Price from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!
Very good!

Ha! What a Painting. My Favorite!

This is quite funny. I added it to my favorites because most art is boring! I guess you can say that your is one of the best. ;)
Well I liked it, you have done a great job on this!


I love Link this portrait rocks!

dommi-fresh responds:

cheers salsamaster

"I wish my brother George was here! :)"


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