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2009-11-19 20:05:39 by SalsaMaster

I'm going to be an advertiser her please tell me if anything is wrong or crappy about this but don't be mean ok? i watch Yoshi 1-up and Jonbro Mario videos. check them out extremely popular. Try your best o leave comments that are sensible and appropriate. Don't be that way and try to bring me down because it wont work. for those who are not total freaks ( i hope all of u) please do not be mean and leave comments are helpful and to spread news about these awesome artists!


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2009-11-19 20:09:47

This is a good comment: OMG me 2!!!! jonbro is great! yoshi 1-up awesome 2! lets debate! nice 1st post btw!
This is waht we call a crappy comment that no one has the time to read whatsoever: lol! u duck dude what ur prob! every one knows the best artist is me! jonbro and yoshi worship me! muhahahahaha! u r a LOSER!
u c what i mean please dont leave bad comments they are just peices of crap that no one wants to read and those people who leave them think it makes them look cool! just dont


2009-11-22 08:44:37

Well, best future possible for you, man. (That should qualify as a very good comment =D) Also, it just so happens that the very first post I made (although I later on deleted it) was posted exactly 2 years before yours! Talk about a coincidence..... or not..... anyway, I see you like Fancy Pants Man. Yeah, that's an awesome series. If you submit any flashes, then we'll see how your own animation skills are. The sooner you post, the sooner people can see your skill level.

(Updated ) SalsaMaster responds:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have too much time on my hands to make a flash. I'm just here to expand thoughts on others. I really don't want to get too far into NG's business. Just here to keep it alive!
And your comment is qualified.
Ya FancyPants rules...
Er, ya 2 years ago was SUCH a coincidence!
-Spread my word, SalsaMaster