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2010-04-12 19:08:42 by SalsaMaster

Someone can you please scout my artwork because no one is aware of it!
Poptropican: Slippery Snowball


Numa Numa

2009-12-23 17:17:55 by SalsaMaster

I want everyone to watch this really awesome video!
It's called "Numa Numa Dance". Um, I tried doing the link twice but it won't work.
Just want to make sure everyone sees it! My favorite video of all time!
-SalsaMasterPlease tell me how to leave the link for "Numa Numa Dance"!

Super Mario Brothers Z

2009-12-01 20:22:40 by SalsaMaster

Ok, I would like to say that my favorite flash on NG is, of course, Super Mario
Brothers Z. The animation and the way you use the space bar to advance is just so awesome. My favorite part about is the violence! Great battle scenes!
If you read this post, please comment! If you have nothing to say, submit "I read it".
I really need to know how many people are listening to me, so I can continue to post!
Check Alvin's work out!

First Post

2009-11-19 20:05:39 by SalsaMaster

I'm going to be an advertiser her please tell me if anything is wrong or crappy about this but don't be mean ok? i watch Yoshi 1-up and Jonbro Mario videos. check them out extremely popular. Try your best o leave comments that are sensible and appropriate. Don't be that way and try to bring me down because it wont work. for those who are not total freaks ( i hope all of u) please do not be mean and leave comments are helpful and to spread news about these awesome artists!